Friday 24 March 2006

spring rain -
after warning him off the cookies
I eat them

Sangeet :)


steve said...

very sweet ending!

laryalee said...

This is so cute, Sangeet!
I've enjoyed your haiku very much.
(Thanks for dropping in to visit me --I've been away sick.)

Aurora said...

I really like this one (and wish I had some cookies).:)

Pat Paulk said...

Very funny!

Little Onion said...

Sangeet - the haiku you are sharing with us that show bits from everyday life work so well because they feel so real - a Sylvester song has now popped into my head and won't stop playing 'You make me feel mighty real..' - sing it with me.... someone...

on a haiku anorak note this one again works well on one line without punctuation the cut is so clear as to perhaps not need the '-' after line one

i'm currently for no punctuation generally in haiku it could be just a phase but its been with me a while now years in fact

Little Onion

sangeet said...

Thanks all!

It was a true to life moment unfortunately :^)

Little Onion, thanks for sharing your thoughts. This doesn't work for me as a one liner personally. I use punctuation (eg. - .. ) as kireji or caesura in some of my Haiku to deliberately create a pause, or to set the scene.

Punctuation discussions have been around in the Haiku sphere for so long that I personally feel you have to do what feels right for you. You're never going to please everyone :)


polona said...

very nice... brought a smile on my face :)

sangeet said...

Thank you Polona!


its_baxter said...

i think i'd do the same :)

and i agree with you on punctuation

Eric said...


sangeet said...

Thanks Ruthanne and Eric!