Saturday 1 April 2006

animal farm-
the young ones wonder
which animal to feed first

almost two -
she chooses to feed..
the lambs

broken-down tractor
they pause for a moment
to stare...

Easter competition -
they decorate carefully
with chicks...straw and chocolate eggs


Sunday 26 March 2006

I am truly blessed to have three beautiful children...12, 10 and 8. This is a series from today - Mother's day in the UK.

mother's day -
my 10 year old comes to the bedroom
at 6.50am...

my excitement
and theirs..

scented soap, writing paper, bracelet
the look on his face
as I unwrap each gift

in her hand made card
all the colours of the rainbow
and more...

my 8 year old
has wrapped his own presents:
a peace lily candle ...and handkerchiefs

three children -
discussing the merits
of each others gifts

hugging each child