Sunday 26 March 2006

I am truly blessed to have three beautiful children...12, 10 and 8. This is a series from today - Mother's day in the UK.

mother's day -
my 10 year old comes to the bedroom
at 6.50am...

my excitement
and theirs..

scented soap, writing paper, bracelet
the look on his face
as I unwrap each gift

in her hand made card
all the colours of the rainbow
and more...

my 8 year old
has wrapped his own presents:
a peace lily candle ...and handkerchiefs

three children -
discussing the merits
of each others gifts

hugging each child



Aurora said...

So incredibly sweet are these that I was almost too lost in the message to notice how well you executed it. Such a good write, Sangeet.

its_baxter said...

lovely. i can't wait to have the joys of being a mother :)

Eric said...

beautifully done.

sangeet said...

Thanks all, your kind words are appreciated!


Pat Paulk said...

Very beautiful poem!!

polona said...

sangeet, that is so sweet! thanks for sharing these intimate moments!

Cherie! said...

How lovely!

sangeet said...

Thanks Pat, Polona and Cherie!


laryalee said...

Ah, Aurora was right -- this is a fantastic series, Sangeet!
You must feel very proud of your family...and I know you savor every moment.
(The years pass so quickly...)


Trena said...

so touching ... made me cry, which i need every now and then.

very, very nice

thank you

sangeet said...

Vis-a`-vis and Lary,
thank you for your warm words..


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

"in her hand made card
all the colours of the rainbow
and more..."
this is my favorite -- I have many of these cards, too.

sangeet said...

Andrew.. I have many of these cards too.. aren't they wonderful?


sangeet said...

Thank you Denis! :)