Tuesday 19 September 2006

dawn -
a garden slug
in his new school shoes


Pat Paulk said...

What a great haiku to come back on!! Glad you're back!!!

Natalia L. Rudychev said...

Wonderful haiku! I enjoyed it! Welcome back!

sangeet said...

Thanks Pat and Natalia.. its been a long while, but life has just sort of overtaken me :^)

Glad to be back :)

polona said...

welcome back, sangeet!
love the haiku!

Aurora said...


Welcome back.:)

Kai C. said...


Plus Ultra said...

Finally you are back and finally I can post a comment!

haiku-shelf said...

i like this haiku about the garden slug very much!

best wishes,

p.s.: i hope that you and all the visitors of your blog will enjoy Happy Easter Days