Wednesday 17 May 2006

birthday morning-
the children awake

the youngest's gift:
he planted himself

the eldest's gift:
beautiful running tights
like hers..

the middle child's gift:
a book on enlightenment
bought with car wash money

birthday tradition-
a packet of fudge
shared eagerly

husband's gift:
a beautiful hammock
for two..

hidden outside-
a gift of flowers
the colours of summer

birthday morning errands-
passing a funeral car
and a learner driver

the rain in the next town
hasn't reached my home

birthday walk-
dazzling bluebells

birthday cake -
the eldest child bakes
with special ingredients..


Aurora said...

A beautiful family scene, haiku-style. Happy Birthday, Sangeet.:)

Kai C. said...

Happy birthday--
thank u 4 stopping by......

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

WOW!!!! what a collection and they all are wonderful---
happy birthday!

Borut said...

Yes, what a collection! Happy birthday. What a boost of energy!

sangeet said...

Thanks all for your kind wishes and comments! I had a lovely day.. :)


polona said...

happy birthday, sangeet!
and what a nice batch of haiku you have produced!

sangeet said...

Thanks Polona :)


Pat Paulk said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Love the pictures and poems!!

sangeet said...

Thanks Pat, I has a great day :)


Alan Summers said...

I especially love this one:

the rain in the next town
hasn't reached my home

It has the utmost beautiful simplicity and "sadless" poignancy.

Not only happy birthday in retrospect, but many happy unbirthdays (Alice in Wonderland) (-;